Fruit – a very beneficial diabetic food – 3

Diabetic foods – another useful fruit A lot of diabetic desserts should include a portion of one of the healthy fruits. All fresh fruits have some benefit, and not just for diabetics. Here just another fruit with its benefits: Grapefruit The grapefruit occupies a high place among citrus fruits because of its flavour, its appetizing properties […]

Restauranteur teaches that life, like cooking, is best when done in harmony and balance.

An article published November 17,2009 at Minneapolis Healthy Trends Examiner by Kathlyn Stone Many people are aware of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet but how many have considered the healthy aspects of the Thai diet? The authentic Thai diet goes hand-in-hand with a spiritual lifestyle, according to restaurateur Supenn Harrison. To the Thai, diet and lifestyle […]

Barbecued prawns with herb marinade

Peter Howard’s 10 laws of the barbecue Queensland-based TV chef Peter Howard’s Barbecued sold close to 50,000 copies around the world. His new book, Licence to Grill, is an homage to multicultural Australia, adapting Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes to outdoor cooking. Always start with a clean barbecue plate. After you finish cooking, clean it […]

Back to Basics: Drying Vegetables 1

Back to Basics: Drying Vegetables For thousands of years people have dried vegetables to preserve them for leaner times. Preserving foods by drying is still useful, convenient, inexpensive, and needs less storage space. Basically, drying preserves food by removing sufficient moisture from food to prevent its decay. Drying requires a method of heating the food to evaporate the moisture and some means of removing the […]